Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Heart The Ride

We really loved this summer's most popular and our favourite fashion accessory; bicycles. Paul Frank;


and Urban Outfitters;

have also expressed their love for those two wheels. Now a new crop of international designers from brands like Kenzo, Antik Batik and Swarovski have costumized Peugeot's "fixed gear" bikes for charity. Each one is definitely beautiful so we won't be able to pick a favourite one. But since we first displayed the  one with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's heart motif, we might say that one would be :)

This bike collection includes 12 pieces and they will be auctioned in September in Paris with proceeds benefiting ACT Responsible, a charity that promotes environmental and social causes. Now after all these informations, let's have a look at some designs of the collection.

DSquared2 Skeleton Heels!

Dean & Dan twins finally found the inner spirit of the heels; the skeleton of the heels. After Alexander McQueen's great 10-inch heels, now it's the new foundation! These skeleton stilettos from their fall winter 2010/2011 collection definitely pull the strings of the fashion industry. It gives the feeling that the shoe is a natural extension of the body. So let's have a look at this creative collection and it's parts from the fashion show. You can also watch the DSQUARED2 Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Fashion Show on the right side and at the bottom of our page.

Murat Süyür Is Into the White

As you see from our page, one of our favourite Turkish ad photographers is Murat Süyür and we're so thrilled with his new project "White on White". With make up artist Georgina Billington's talented art, it seems they really found the way of reflecting purity.  Let's have a look at this brilliant work.

Also Lecool Mag and XOXO Mag published this photoshoot. You can find more information about Lecool Mag from here ; and about XOXO from here;

James Hopkin's Perceptional Superior Intelligence

You really won't believe your eyes, but this time, it will trick your eyes so you will have to look twice. British artist James Hopkins forces the rules of art with his clever, actually we must say genious, ideas. He questions mortality, time, balance, booze, and above all, "perception" in his art. We can really see that each piece of his art takes serious time and trouble to create those visual illusions.

The painstakingly balanced chairs and tables are actually balanced, there is no trick there, and the alcohol is carefully measured into the bottles to counterbalance the pieces.

Anamorphic sculptures are also one of his favourite arts. As a viewer, as you move around the objects, at one specific point they all align to reveal their true subject. And this is usually a set of Pop Culture cartoon characters like The Simpsons;

or the main protagonists from South Park. In the case of Tom & Jerry or Cat & Mouse, there is an added level of complexity as each of these objects that creates the scene, represents the tools that the cartoon characters try kill each other with, in the Tv series, such as; a gun, a knife, a bomb and so on.

His warped, extended musical instrument series also play with your sense of perspective. The first of these instruments was finished in 2001 while he was still a student in Goldsmiths College.

And there is a really creepy stretched skull that Hans Holbein The Younger included in his iconic painting "The Ambassadors."

In fact, Holbein's influence is felt in another projects of Hopkin's too, his Vanitas series. Objects belonging to imagined archetypes are arranged on shelves, revealing the face of a skull when seen from a distance. Especially the attention on the choice of the products is brilliant.