Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plastic Baker

Don't be fooled by the misleading title, photographer Damon Baker made a beautiful shoot with model Clara Paget in a world of plastic for the debut issiue of Sheer Magazine. Set design done by Luke Abby and styling is done by Kay Korsh with great harmony using  voluminous wardrobe of knits, heavy jackets and plastic pieces.We really loved the filters used on photographs and the tones. We hope you love it too!

Additional Credits:
Makeup – Amy Sachon
Hair – Tomyuki @ earth hairdressing
Creative Direction – Damon Baker & Luke Abby
Styling Assistant – Sarah Loving
Photography Assistant – Alexander Zyryaev
Set Design Assistant – Tonea Charley

Fashion or Geometry?

Andreia Chaves, the footwear designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, created wildly geometric shoes from unconventional materials, while studying form, texture and visual effects in Florence, Italy. She has a collection of footwear concepts on the cutting edge of fashion. "The fact that I grew up in a chaotic city like Sao Paulo, full of contrasts, being in contact with such diversity and constant exposure to different visual inputs, has inspired me in how I think and conceptualize my shoes. Looking at my work, I can clearly see influence coming from my South American sense of versatility. Also in the mix, what I have been experiencing in Europe." she explains.

The Invisible Shoe:

This shoe is  an asymmetrically mirrored low cut boot, reflecting it's surroundings and colors so that it becomes hard to realize there's even a shoe there. Photos are taken by Fernando Biagioni.

The Form & Texture Shoe:

                                                             Photos by Ian Murphy
This shoe shows a disciplined study of form and material. Here, there is a disorderly arranged leather and sycamore wood cubes.

Prism Shoe:

                                                                Photos by Ian Murphy.

The Velcro Shoe:

This is a shoe done by Velcro strips holding the foot, and you can easily change it's shape and redesign it. Photo by Ian Murphy.

The Twirled Shoe:

This shoe is done by metal and PVC and part of a study of optical effect.

Architecture of Shoes

Dutch designer Marloes ten Bhömer produces really extraordinary shoes that are never seen before using technology, construction techniques and art at the same time. These shoes are saving women from cliches and ordinary styles and they are "wearable arts".

Red Mâché Shoe.
Materials: Stainless steel and leather. The MARLOESTENBHÖMER™ leather-mâché technique is a leather laminating technique, which abolishes the use of a shoe upper pattern and allows for a varied wall.

Rotational Moulded Shoe.
Materials: Polyurethane rubber and stainless steel. Rotational moulded shoe was specifically designed for the After Hours installation in the Krannert Art Museum in Illinois, USA.

Blue Mâché Shoe.
Materials: Leather and stainless steel. The MARLOESTENBHÖMER™ leather-mâché technique is a leather laminating technique.

Grey Glassfibre Shoe.
Materials: leather and fibreglass.Design evolution of the previous “Carbonfibreshoe”, made from a layered piece of fibreglass pressed in a two-piece mould

Moulded Leather Shoe.
Materials: Vegetable tanned leather and carbon fibre.

No Heels Leather Shoe.
Materials: Leather. Study that explores the possible formal qualities when producing “Noheelsshoe” in rotating mould.

No Heels Shoe.
Materials: Polyurethane resin. Shoes cast in polyurethane resin in a two-piece mould. Refers even less to exiting footwear typologies due to the erased heel.

Ten Bhömer's works are also exhibited in museums, galleries internationally and she gives lectures about her work worldwide.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Orishiki Suitcase

Working with the mechanism and principles of origami folding,

Japanese product designer Naoki Kawamoto has made a travelling suitcase which also has wheels that fold out flat for flexibility and compactability. This magnificently luxurious suitcase's outer surface is a hard, faceted shell that folds in on itself to create a three dimensional luggage and the inner surface is silk.

This luggage's name is Orishiki, which is a Japanese work of Kawamoto's own creation, a combinated name of "origami" ,the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding,

and "furoshiki" , a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is frequently used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods. Modern furoshiki can be made of a variety of clothes including silk, chirimen, cotton, rayon and nylon.

Orishiki consists of other products too, such as hand clutch, an eye glass case, aiming to provide the same sense of versatility. The unique process can also be applied to the other products.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Base is Ball, Idea is Gold

To celebrate it's 90th anniversary, baseball cap, headwear and apparel brand New Era, has managed to succeed where many labels tried but failed. Brand invited 90 creative fashion students from the UK and the continent, to play around with their own product. And the winner is 24 year-old Craig Green from London. He is a fashion design BA graduate from Central Saint Martins. During his studies, Craig gained experience working with his design heroes Walter van Beirendonck ( and Henrik Vibskov ( The impressive result of the contest now is on show and let's see how it looks like.

With a passion for fantasy and a strong belief in escapist design, Craig's final collection will also blow your minds. He says that he's inspired from Russian folk robots,

old toys and home-made fancy dresses.