Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ultimate fashion photographer Mariano Testino has known Kate Moss for more than 20 years and his photos of Kate Moss go beyond fashion. Photographer's style is described as "luxury realism". He comes from a very proper family in Peru, and came to London in 1976. It was 1997 when he photographed the late Diana, Princess of Wales, for her famous Vanity Fair cover.

This extraordinary friendship's consequence is an iconic collaboration of two of the world's style leaders. Mariano says; "I met Kate very early on. Shortly after her Galliano show I went backstage to congratulate her , only to find her crying: she was disappointed that she had only been given one outfit to model in the show. My answer to her was this:"In life there are perfumes and colognes. You need to use lots of cologne as the scent fades away; with a perfume you just use a drop and it lasts all night. You are a perfume, you will go on and on." Little did I know just how true that would become! And that I had made a friend for life."

 And this friendship results in an enormous book, which will be released by Taschen and will be a limited edition to 1500 copies. Kate says; "Mario took me to a new level of glamour. I don't think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. He was the one that transformed me. Before him I was just a grungy girl, but he saw me differently. He was the first to say "Oh, she's quite sexy! I've seen her out! I know she's not just that grungy girl!" He'd seen me in a pair of heels, getting glamorous and he was the first to start taking pictures of me in that way. He changed the way people thought about me as a model, for sure. Later other people started working with me in that way, but he was the first."

Kate Moss also gives her insights into her life with the celebrated photographer, expanding on both their professional and personal relationship. This book catalogues most creative captures from early days, backstages at the shows to behind the scenes of the ground breaking editorials. Many photos are chosen from the photographer's private archive and published for the first time. She also adds: "People are really enthralled by Mario, when they meet him he's so giving and generous with himself, it's never just about him. He always gives so much of himself-he'll teach people, he'll help people, he's really sensitive to people and who they are. When he walks in a room it's like a light has been turned on. He has passion and energy and vibrancy and all those things that make a person a superstar really."

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