Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is huge! This is the first 3D fashion film that's ever been produced! In this film, artist and film maker Baillie Walsh, gives you the opportunity to experience all the dimensions of Kate Moss at once, the beauty of her face is frozen.

AnOther Magazine and director Baillie Walsh teamed up to create the world's first 3D fashion film featuring Kate Moss as a mythological goddess who shutters her self image through an explosion of hundreds of tiny crystals. The original full colour 3D work was presented as an immersive video art installation at the Haunch of Venison and you can see the other current and past exhibitions if you visit the official website: On the otherhand, if you want to watch it through the internet you can visit AnOther Magazine's website:

Actually this is the second time Baillie Walsh and Kate Moss works together. Previously they worked to create a hologram for Alexander McQueen A/W 2006 fashion show. KM3D-1 is a collaboration that brings fashion, art and film together in this magnificent 3D film. It is done using Phantom cameras, which shot 1000 frames per second, specially built for the project to create a beautiful 3D effect in super-slow motion.

And ofcourse when you watch the film, you can see incredible crystals flying and sparkling everywhere.So guess what? The film is made in collaboration with Swarovski while the art installation is in association with with Beefeater 24. Film's creative director is Jerry Stafford and Jefferson Hack is the editor in chief AnOther Mag. So let's have a look at the scenes behind the film.

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