Tuesday, May 18, 2010


And finally! We made a photoshoot by ourselves! It is called, as you can see from the photograph and the title above, ANTI AGING. Photography by Pinar Aytekin, which you can see the portfolio from www.pinaraytekin.com and styling by Erkan Altunay. Also one of our favourite magazines XOXO liked it and so they gave a place to our photoshoot in their blog; http://xoxothemag.com. If you also want to look at the shoot through their eyes, please visit; http://xoxothemag.com/post/589097091/how-to-defy-aging. We hope you like it.

Top by Margaret Howell, pants are Topshop and gorgeous shoes by Gucci.
Beige silk shirt by Lanvin, skinny pants from H&M, shoes by Lanvin and the dark blue jacket is by Balenciaga.
Blue dotted T-shirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs, grey jacket by Marni, skinny jeans from H&M and shoes are Lanvin.

Yellow tricot t-shirt by Lanvin, grey jacket by Marni.

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diLay said...

eheheh çok güzel olmuş çokk :))