Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently, in Tokyo, Lady Gaga is the most talked person and this truth got really solid with her arrivals to Tokyo for 4 times, during her "Monster Ball" tour a week ago or two. And especially there was a hugely impressive performance she had with the contemporary artist Terrence Koh. The event was sponsored by M・A・C VIVA GLAM and all money on products sold goes towards helping men, women and children who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Here are some incredible photos from the Gaga & Koh performance;

The audience, Japanese celebrities and the press waited for an hour after the time scheduled for the performance to start. The lights were on for all the time, and then, when the lights start to turn off and got a littler darker, everyone noticed that the show was about to begin. Lady Gaga, Terrence Koh and their male dancers got on the stage. Gaga took her seat at the Terrence Koh design piano and started to sing "Speechless" right before singing "Alejandro". And people just went crazy with the last three songs and with the after party. A fantastic evening's informations from the source: http://www.tokyodandy.com/

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