Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fall Season

Agyness Deyn fell down while walking the runway at Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief Haiti event. Those really high-platform Burberry shoes got her balance lost but she is cute more than ever even when she was all over the floor. She was laughing and when she tried to get up, she fell down the second time. And this time.. she took off her shoes and walked barefoot. It was kinda adorable too.. to us :)

Hours after the accident, Aggyness's tweet was seen; “1st show of fashion week! Took a tumble! Got up! Fell again. Should have stayed down the 1st time. Twice! WTF! Ouch my knees!”

And what do you see in Sex and the City?

It's a little sarcastic way but it's really funny also watching Carrie's modelling carrier failed in Sex and the City. And everything went the same...

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