Sunday, March 14, 2010


Model Jonas Kessler gets wired for his latest photo shoot, done by Christian Conti and you'd better get to be wired cause something cool is going on here. You will adore the suits and the shoes and the gloves and the...

WE LOVE Dr.Martens.

Gloves are so cool and by Lacrasia

Suit is Marc Jacobs. We again have to say how that we adore the boots which you would guess are Dr. Martens and cool gloves are by Lacrasia.

Shirt is from Bespoken but hey there is a necklace on the jacket pocket which is from Surface to Air. But the most beautiful thing to us in this photo, is the vintage coat from Dior Homme. Trousers are Marc Jacobs and the belt is also Dior Homme. And look (!) at the gloves because it is again Lacrasia and again again and again we loved it. Gorgeous shoes from Versace.

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