Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Told You She Didn't Have a D*ck (!)

"You've been a very bad girl. A very very very bad girl Gaga". Now she recently topped pop radio charts, climbes to #9 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100. She also scored sixth U.S. Top 10 Hit and we think she's "k-kinda busy". So if you wanna reach out to her "telephone" and get what we want to say in our headline, go to and watch the official video of Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce - Telephone.

Also we want you to smile just a little bit so we found out the amazing and "message sending" outfit of Gaga wearing and appearing on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross" in London, England. But we just put it in a different way;

Like this... She was interviewed and performed two times with "Brown Eyes" & "Telephone". Anyways, for those who didn't watch the video and want to see some photos, here are some.

You'll be back honey.


Koray Caner said...

And we re waiting for the next chapter of this girl's adventures :)

This should be considered as a mini-movie, rather than a music video. Though some irrelevant scenes are involved to satisy the sponsors, this work is a piece of new-style art she brought to us :) luvss

canDirekli said...

i agree with koray about "mini-movie" :)

and also waiting 4 the next chapter :)