Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ivana Pilja is a 26 years old young Serbian designer and her incredible designs were presented at the FASHION CLASH 2010 which is a foundation made in Limburgh since 2007. The collection is REALLY off the wall and includes 12 pieces playing with geometry. And we respect the creative use of black. Let's see the rest of the collection and hope for the new ones.

Also these beautiful photographs and model Zaga Skerletovic are photographed by Nikola Skolov. Graphic designs and post production by Makro Cerketa & Vuckovic. Fantastic make up by Marina Mojkovic. 


Ivana Pilja said...

great, love it :)

videos de pinar said...

Ivana Pilja is a great designer. And you are absolutly right to say that the collection is off the wall.
Love this collection!