Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Canadian and genious designer Kat Marks designs really creative forms. She says "I have always lived with the intention to create. When looking within myself, I know I'm not seperate from what I create. Each collection, each silhoutte, each fabric has an infrinsic quality perfect for it's use.There are no accidents or coincidences."  She has a conceptual approach to her work and is always looking for the boundaries between art&fashion and film. She mainly focuses on creating body pieces in rigid materials such as plastic that are charactarised by sculptural sensual forms.

She has created two collections so far called Infundibulum;

And Yugas Elder, which was also featured in a film directed by Daniel Shipp and produced by Goran Boskovic.

Now she is creating her third collection that will include ten designs in plastic, leather and textiles. 
She also combines fashion and film in her work and she creates videos that feature her thought-provoking pieces. She has just completed a film called The Granfalloon.

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