Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Won't Forget Una Burke!

Una burke, born in Galway, 1980, is a London College of Fashion MA graduate fashion designer who had her own conceptual  collection of wearable art, based on eight human gestures associated with the cause, physical and psycological effect and healing stages of human trauma.

Each piece is hand crafted from vegetable tanned leather, resulting in a color indicative of human flesh.

They can be used as fashion accessories when broken down into sections; such as arm pieces, leg pieces, head or neck pieces and shoulder pieces. 


They also can be combined with other garments, different kind of fabrics or accessories which could create a different aspect or even a beautiful contrast look.

And she says "Through my work I continually aim to create leather objects which are both visually captivating and technically challenging. They are pieces of wearable art which are indefinable as particular garments, preventing them from being placed into the conventional categories of the fashion industry."

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