Monday, April 12, 2010

Carry Your Addiction

We wanted to share a really "realistic" and critical-eyed collection from Cast of Vices about our "vices" actually. Cast of Vices is an online boutique specializing in beautiful jewelry meant to demonstrate your vice of choice. As you know people are addicted to many kinds of things, starting from a very innocent one like Coca Cola or coffee, we can directly say caffein and can make the list longer and longer by saying nicotine, anti-depressants and so on... And there is now an addictive jewellery collection came out from Cast of Vices. The collection includes cigarettes ofcourse, and pill bottles, coke bags, and also a pan cap that can be used for the same reason (which we are not glad to explain), vicodin, xnannies, etc. The collection is hand crafted in U.S.A. with solid .925 sterling silver and 14k gold by using the lost wax process. Here you can see the pieces that we choose from the collection;

And these are for you to have a closer look;

Also the cockroach pin, flies attached on the cigarette butts, pin bottles and the fly charm itself represents the inherent decay which those addictions cause, and the stench of those stuff.

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