Monday, April 12, 2010

Karl Lighterfeld

As we know, Coca Cola had many partnerships and many colloborations over the last few years but guess which is the best? Karl Lagerfeld helped launching a new Coca Cola Light with his silhouette on a white bottle. The Coca Cola bottle-opener also comes with a unique limited edition box with an accompanying bottle-opener hidden in a drawer.
The advertising campaign features Coco Rocha sipping on some Coca Cola Light, as dressed like Lagerfeld himself, in complete black and white, wearing fingerless gloves also, and Baptiste Giabiconi also dressed like Lagerfeld but it makes a little more sense because he's in the role of a servant serving Coca Cola Light.

Coco herself shared secrets from Karl’s shoot:

"Karl designed the bottle with his iconic silhouette on the side and then dressed me as the femme version of him. I remember at one point in the shoot Karl didn’t think I had on the right accessories so he stopped the shoot and headed home to bring me a pair of his own gloves and then took off his tie pin and rings for me to wear!"

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