Sunday, April 25, 2010


A different and an innovative way to show how tortorous and exaggerated the high heels are in today's world. They are mostly not comfortable or even wearable? So take a look at the invention of talented French artist Caroline Sciancalepore has come up with.

This is not something that you can see in fashion shows or runways or any editorial shoot that exists in any magazine. This is something maybe an acrobat can wear, it looks like it comes from a circus even but whatever.

The collection of shoes is titled ‘Support for Women,’ even though they don't look supportive at all. We're sure that that irony was exactly what Caroline Sciancalepore intended. And one of our favourite bloggers who is a mother, also a great follower of fashion, Kpriss, owner of, wrote in her blog that these shoes or shoe-look-a-likes :) are so suitable for Lady Gaga and we wanted to say that she's so right about her regard.

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