Sunday, April 4, 2010


This pretty photoshoot is done by one of our favourite Turkish fashion photographers, Cihan Alpgiray, which you can check out his portfolio from the link we gave you at the end of our page, for Marie Claire March 2010 issue. And ofcourse we have something to say about the styling. But actually the styling is a really great designer's work. Lingeries are designed by Gözde Tekin.

Gözde, 23 , is still a student in Mimar Sinan University, studying textile and design and she's about to graduate soon. This collection is her first collection and every inch is sewed by her own hands. So we say? It is really great, we adored them. And we're glad to share this photoshoot and great designs with you.

This is one of her designs shot for an overall look. We really loved the lacings.

Also these illustrations below, are some of the illustrations of her future plans.

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