Sunday, April 25, 2010


These are elegant, shockingly fashionable (!) and definitely is the new fashion "it item" to carry in your bag and be excited to take it out besides being embarrassed, the Tampurse. This "purse" is actually only designed to store tampons in a fashionable way, which you'll never get eshamed to carry them again :) It’s the newest accessory for women. Tampurse was established in 2009 and is a partnership between Anna Paterakis and Rebekah Zougoulos. They wanted to create "an ultra feminine accessory that stylishly and discreetly stored tampons."
Now for those who are curious about the Tampurse collection;

Vintage Glamour Tampurse - Black&Red&Brown&Pink

Vintage Glamour Tampurse has a limit for 8 regular tampons and is available in four colours.

Starlet Tampurse - Gold

Starlet Tampurse is the shiny and luxurious one for those who likes to show-off a little :). It is four regular tampons limited and is available in gold and silver. A glamorous way of carrying your tampons!

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