Sunday, April 25, 2010

Marc's Models

Chadwick Tyler zoomed in on his favorite Marc by Marc chosen models, Lindsey Wixson, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Hannah Holman, Liu Wen, Frida Gustavsson, Freja Beha Erichsen, and Constance Jablonski so pure in all Marc by Marc Jacobs clothes from fall/winter '10 for an exclusive, AnOther Magazine video. And how peaceful and amazing is to watch them so natural and so behind the scenes.

Watch the girls play around with the camera, posing in all sorts of direction, beautifully natural by their moody behaviours and the non-acting movements and gestures they do with their arms and lips and just by looks to a beautiful song called Intimate Secretary by The Raconteurs.

AnOther Man Fashion Director and menswear stylist for Marc by Marc, Alister Mackie says; "As each model only wears one look, and each look is tailored and styled around the model." and "It's the attitude they bring; a sense of ease", says Mackie. "They wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear them." So do you agree with him?


These are elegant, shockingly fashionable (!) and definitely is the new fashion "it item" to carry in your bag and be excited to take it out besides being embarrassed, the Tampurse. This "purse" is actually only designed to store tampons in a fashionable way, which you'll never get eshamed to carry them again :) It’s the newest accessory for women. Tampurse was established in 2009 and is a partnership between Anna Paterakis and Rebekah Zougoulos. They wanted to create "an ultra feminine accessory that stylishly and discreetly stored tampons."
Now for those who are curious about the Tampurse collection;

Vintage Glamour Tampurse - Black&Red&Brown&Pink

Vintage Glamour Tampurse has a limit for 8 regular tampons and is available in four colours.

Starlet Tampurse - Gold

Starlet Tampurse is the shiny and luxurious one for those who likes to show-off a little :). It is four regular tampons limited and is available in gold and silver. A glamorous way of carrying your tampons!

Shirley Manson the Rebellious Woman

Oliver Peoples' 2010 Campaign film called "Les enfants sennuient le dimanche" which means "The children are bored on Sundays)" is directed by Autumn De Wilde, featuring Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson the rebellious and cool frontwoman of Garbage. Zee Avi's "Just You and Me" is the soundtrack song.

Also this supervixen woman is photographed by Tung Walsh for Elle UK 2010 April issue and the result is ofcourse supercool photos fashioned by Sasa Thomann. This is an interview done by Jenny Dickinson dressed in "Todd Lynn", also a close friend of Manson. They have been mailing for weeks but this is the first time she had the chance to try the designs on and do we have to admit that they look perfect?

In the photograph above, she is wearing a linen and metal jacket, cotton-jersey top and linen trousers all by Todd Lynn. Shoes are by Christian Louboutin for Todd Lynn.
In the photograph above, she is wearing a leather jacket, cotton-jersey top and linen trousers all by Todd Lynn.
Todd Lynn on Shirley; "I'm a fan of Shirley as a musician, obviously, but also as a person -- she's cool in a seemingly effortless way. She embodies the essence of what my clothes are about -- there's a rebellious, rough side to her that seems to come across as confidence. I've been fortunate enough to work with many of the iconic women that I have in mind when I design; Courtney Love, Pj Harvey and now Shirley."

And for those who doesn't know anything about Shirley Manson; She is actually a musician from Scotland and has a very sexy way of accent in speaking English. She is the lead singer of the grunge band Garbage, but her musical career started in the early 1980s, performing back vocals and keyboards for a Scottish band called Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie before being signed in as a solo artist in a band Angelfish before becoming famous with Garbage.

And in 2008 was cast in her first professional acting role on the second and final season of Terminator as The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

We used to say "Go Girl" in a Shirley way but now we have to say "Go Woman" you're a rebellious one!

Disney of Fashion

A cartoon interpretation of the fashion industry done for Elle Spain, in which you can see our favourite designers such as John Galliano does a lot of chest puffing walking on runway as a Duffy Duck,

Karl Lagerfeld is the big bad wolf,

Alber Elba fixes his Lanvin dress,

Sonia Rykiel in her "orange hair" way of "Daisy in love" looks, Marc Jacobs showing a lot of effort being here, there and anywhere he can,

Jean Paul Gaultier with his lovely way of a French artist,

Donatella Versace being effeminate more than ever which we really love,

And Dolce&Gabbana :)

Don't they all look so cute and doesn't each one extremely fit their characters?


A different and an innovative way to show how tortorous and exaggerated the high heels are in today's world. They are mostly not comfortable or even wearable? So take a look at the invention of talented French artist Caroline Sciancalepore has come up with.

This is not something that you can see in fashion shows or runways or any editorial shoot that exists in any magazine. This is something maybe an acrobat can wear, it looks like it comes from a circus even but whatever.

The collection of shoes is titled ‘Support for Women,’ even though they don't look supportive at all. We're sure that that irony was exactly what Caroline Sciancalepore intended. And one of our favourite bloggers who is a mother, also a great follower of fashion, Kpriss, owner of, wrote in her blog that these shoes or shoe-look-a-likes :) are so suitable for Lady Gaga and we wanted to say that she's so right about her regard.


Sit on your head?

It really is a weird beauty, causes you to think and wonder what to do with that except sitting on it. You might just start to want to look at them as potential art rather than pile of beauty or a bunch of chairs. This is something designed and inspired from an ordinary thing and developed an extraordinary, or let's say genious thing.
Furniture designer Dejana Kabiljo of the Viennese design brand, Kabiljo Inc. sees and designs “objects for all of us with little fetishes, bad habits and compulsive actions.”

In this case, PrettyPretty experimental stools, poufs and chairs that are like pretty heads to sit and explore.

Who is?

Ofcourse you know who she is. From her band, her modelling carrier, her photographs from front rows of fashion shows and so on. We just wanted to share how much we adore her. So, a little information; Leigh Lezark was born in July 26, 1984, is an American DJ & a model, best known as one-third of the New York City as the Misshapes.

To talk about her modelling carrier;

In 2006, Lezark appeared on the cover of The Sounds' second studio album Dying to Say This to You and made a cameo in their video for "Tony The Beat". The following year, she appeared in the ad campaign for Roberto Cavalli's H&M line.

She also walked the runway for Henry Holland during 2007's London Fashion Week.
In May 2008, Lezark signed a contract with international modeling agency IMG Models. In September of that year, she appeared in an ad for Gap, modeling the classic leather jacket. Lezark also appeared as a party guest in season two episode 20 of of Gossip Girl.
It was not "a little" information though but we hope you're satisfied.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burberry Prorsum!

First, starting with some of the backstage photographs of the photoshoot done with gorgeous Milla Jovovich wearing super cool pieces from the collection of Burberry Prosum, we wanted to say that the styling is magnificent, especially the unique accessories picked and used to complete the outfits. It's shiny, it's elegant, it's one of our favourite collections this season.

And now the Harper’s Bazaar Singapore 2010 shoot done by photographer Simon Upton;

The shoe used in the photograph.

The skirt used in the photograph.

The raincoat used in the photograph.

MIU MIUnadulterated

We read the text of Holly Shackleton in I-D's April 2010 issue about Miu Miu's collection and wanted to share the information with you. It's Miu Miu-like. Then it's childlike and really innocent this time. Miuccia Prada's prints for Miu Miu's spring/summer 2010 collection has blue cats, white swallows, prancing stallions, daisies, puppies, and reclining nudes. "I was questioning innocence, questioning youth." Ms. Prada explained to journalists, at the backstage of the show. "What does innocence really mean today, in a world that's all about the opposite?".

We also loved this shoot above done by Ben Hassett and styled by Erika Kurihara that you can also find in I-D's April 2010 issue.