Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glass Photography?

Walter Hugo resurrects forgotten 19th century studio techniques to reanimate the traditional portrait, but resulting in something really different than you expect. He made a series of portraits of creative faces from the world of art, fashion, film and music, captured using ancient photographic techniques and each image is constructed on large glass plates with the use of a handmade room-size camera. This is Walter Hugo's first solo show exhibiting called "Reflecting the Bright Lights, Capturing a Moment with Silver Nitrate" and his previous projects have included a completely original process of developing images directly onto walls and pavements created by first erecting a pop-up darkroom on location.

He explains his decision to create this project as;" I've always fascinated with the original techniques of photography, and have collected ambrotypes and old cameras for years. The combination of the scientific complexities and the potential to explore something new with what is generally regarded as an ancient process is incredibly alluring." And when he talks about his future plans about this project he goes; "Yes, I'm planning to do 50 portraits in total. I'd also love to develop the project to do some even larger glass plate pieces -- a full, life-size one would be amazing. As far as I know, it would be a first historically. It'd be such a massive project just building the camera, the developing trays, making lots of equipment myself..."

And ofcourse you want to see how this project is created and the stages of it. So let's see how it happens;

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