Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fashion or Geometry?

Andreia Chaves, the footwear designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, created wildly geometric shoes from unconventional materials, while studying form, texture and visual effects in Florence, Italy. She has a collection of footwear concepts on the cutting edge of fashion. "The fact that I grew up in a chaotic city like Sao Paulo, full of contrasts, being in contact with such diversity and constant exposure to different visual inputs, has inspired me in how I think and conceptualize my shoes. Looking at my work, I can clearly see influence coming from my South American sense of versatility. Also in the mix, what I have been experiencing in Europe." she explains.

The Invisible Shoe:

This shoe is  an asymmetrically mirrored low cut boot, reflecting it's surroundings and colors so that it becomes hard to realize there's even a shoe there. Photos are taken by Fernando Biagioni.

The Form & Texture Shoe:

                                                             Photos by Ian Murphy
This shoe shows a disciplined study of form and material. Here, there is a disorderly arranged leather and sycamore wood cubes.

Prism Shoe:

                                                                Photos by Ian Murphy.

The Velcro Shoe:

This is a shoe done by Velcro strips holding the foot, and you can easily change it's shape and redesign it. Photo by Ian Murphy.

The Twirled Shoe:

This shoe is done by metal and PVC and part of a study of optical effect.

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