Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knowing Anton Corbijn "Inwards and Onwards"

                                                                Pj Harvey, 1994

55 year old Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn created a new collection of black&white portraits featuring some of the most important names in art, fashion and music. He portrayed iconic figures as Iggy Pop, Kate Moss and Gerhard Ritcher. The new collection is presented in an exhibition called "Inwards and Onwards" which opened in November 5 and lasts till December 15 at the Stellan Holm Gallery in Newyork.

                                                           Iggy Pop in Newyork, 2003

                                                           Kate Moss in Newyork, 1993

                                                        Gerhard Richter in Cologne,2010

                                                     Alexander McQueen in London, 2007

                                                          Michael Stipe, 1995

The famous photographer first established himself by taking portraits of famous artists such as David Bowie;

Miles Davis;


Clint Eastwood;

and Tom Waits;

He has directed over 75 music videos, designed numeruos album covers;

And more recently Corbijn has directed major motion picture films including Control, a film about Joy Division's Ian Curtis, and the 2010 film called The American, starring George Clooney. And there's one film of Anton Corbijn, a 13 minute black and white short film from 1993, we want to share with you called Yoyo Stuff;

The film is about a personal look at the former master of Dadaist rock, Don van Vliet. Don is one of the most influential, misunderstood, talked about, admired, copied, loved and quoted musicians and yet he is still a mysterious artist. Generally there is a little information about him and this short black and white film is an unique opportunity to see and hear this extraordinary man.  Film is directed and photographed in black and white by Corbijn. So here is Some Yoyo Stuff;


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