Monday, November 22, 2010

Orishiki Suitcase

Working with the mechanism and principles of origami folding,

Japanese product designer Naoki Kawamoto has made a travelling suitcase which also has wheels that fold out flat for flexibility and compactability. This magnificently luxurious suitcase's outer surface is a hard, faceted shell that folds in on itself to create a three dimensional luggage and the inner surface is silk.

This luggage's name is Orishiki, which is a Japanese work of Kawamoto's own creation, a combinated name of "origami" ,the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding,

and "furoshiki" , a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is frequently used to transport clothes, gifts or other goods. Modern furoshiki can be made of a variety of clothes including silk, chirimen, cotton, rayon and nylon.

Orishiki consists of other products too, such as hand clutch, an eye glass case, aiming to provide the same sense of versatility. The unique process can also be applied to the other products.

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